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Meet Megan Trombly
Wellness At Home Lifestyle

Hello, Friends! My name is Megan Trombly.


I am an alternative wellness specialist, Biofeedback specialist, 25+ year homeschool mom of 6, 25 year Marine Corps wife, co-author of “Grounded and Cured”, speaker, and passionate natural health educator.


After having a few children that had some medical issues and being mentored by a homeopath as my children’s bodies healed, I stepped into learning as much as possible about the body’s miraculous ability.


My husband is also a cancer survivor that has been sharing his testimony of God’s miraculous healing from incurable cancer in just 11 short months through 100% natural means. We have been sharing this story for over 20+ years as we have helped guide others through similar journeys. We love to share the amazing gifts God gave us for supporting the body’s innate healing process and empowering others toward health and abundance.


I have also enjoyed learning and sharing about essential oils for the past 14 years and growing my knowledge of targeted nutrition & support of whole-body systems. As an expert on ditching unhealthy overload throughout the home, I would love to help you. 


My husband, David, and I have reached the rank of Diamond Leader with Young Living Essential Oils, a 2 Billion dollar company with the highest standards of purity and integrity. Our passion is to educate, encourage, and empower others as ambassadors of health.

Please allow us to inspire and empower you and your family as we share with you the fulfilling work we have done for others on their health journey & how we can do the same for you!

Have a blessed day!

Megan Trombly

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