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Community Night (Local to the Pensacola Area)

Everybody has a story, and everybody has experience, this is a place to share both and be uplifted by your community. We gather to share our testimonies, both our winnings and our failings. Here we support each other in knowledge and love.

We would love to have you join in and be a part of your local community. Gathering together influences our love and understanding of ourselves and others. I hope you will come and bring a friend. See you there!

To join in and get the address - Please email or fill out the "Let me know what's on our mind" box below

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Dates & Topics 

Thursday, July 6th @ 7 PM

Thursday, July 20th @ 7 PM

Tonight is open mic night, come with your questions, a notebook, and a friend! We will be starting at 7 PM and should only talk and share for about an hour. See you there! 

This Thursday we will be talking about Convention and all the new products! There is so much to talk about! Join us and share a testimony of your own. The best way to build a community is by sharing our experiences! Can't wait to see you there! 

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